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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NJ Proposal to Toughen Bullying Laws

ANTI BULLYING “BILL OF RIGHTS” Four major points of proposed legislation designed to combat incidents of bullying, harassment and intimidation at public schools and colleges: 1. Requires new teachers and administrators hired in the 2011-12 school year to complete an anti-bullying training program, and mandates all teachers must learn about bullying as part of the suicide prevention training they already complete. School board members would also undergo training. 2. Disciplines school administrators who fail to investigate an incident of bullying. 3. Includes “harassment, intimidation and bullying’’ in the types of conduct that may cause a student to be suspended or expelled. 4. Mandates school superintendents deliver a report twice a year at an open school board meeting on “all acts of violence, vandalism, harassment, intimidation or bullying.’’ The report would be used to “grade” schools and districts on their efforts to identify and respond to incidents of bullying under a program devised by the state Education Commissioner. The state’s School Report Cards would also include statistics about bullying. Xi Gamma, feel free to share your thoughts. "Education is a kind of continuing dialogue, and a dialogue assumes different points of view."-- Robert M. Hutchins


  1. Are there any Xi Gamma members out there who either present workshops on bullying/cyberbullying or have contacts/speakers that we could use for a future program on campus?

  2. Actually, a student by the name of Marco Alberti came to the SEA Pirates meeting last Wednesday to speak about an upcoming event on bullying. This event is designed to raise awareness about bullying, talk about how to prevent bullying, discuss the impact of bullying, and talk about what to do when bullying occurs. I think this is going to be in the form of a panel discussion. There was not a specific date set yet, but he said sometime late November. Also, SEA Pirates will be cosponsoring it. Maybe KDP can cosponsor as well? Contact Info: marco.alberti@student.shu.edu