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Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education subscribes to the four ideals of Fidelity to Humanity, Service, Science, and Toil. We strive to maintain professional fellowship, enhance professional growth, and honor achievement in the field of education and related helping professions.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Time to Vote & Election Announcement!

Kappa Delta Pi, Xi Gamma Chapter Members:

It is with great pleasure that I congratulate our newly elected KDP President, Christopher Ley, and Secretary, Tracy Napier. Christopher Ley and Tracy Napier were elected for their respective positions as their candidacies were uncontested.* (See below for some information shared on their applications for the Xi Gamma Executive Board positions.)

There is one position, the position of Vice President, for which we had three candidates running. An e-mail was sent to all active Xi Gamma Chapter members today with a link and instructions for voting; we ask you to go to the link, read about each candidate and select the candidate of your choice.

The e-mail was sent to the address you indicated as the form of contact on your KDP Initiate Form. If you did not receive the voting e-mail/link, please send an e-mail to kdpxigamma@gmail.com specifying this.

The voting survey will be available for the next week. It will close on March 23, 2011. Please vote as soon as possible. Voting will take but a few seconds.

*Introduction to our Elected Candidates:
Christopher Ley writes: Being somewhat of an atypical college student, KDP has given me a sense of community among other professionals and my peers. In addition, the continuing education programs offered such as the webinars I attend have provided me useful tools and knowledge for use both in the classroom and for my own academic advancement. Aside from attending all meetings and helping at various KDP sponsored events, I have spearheaded and orchestrated a CPR training session for members which I am currently in the process of expanding so that more members and future teachers can be certified in this much needed, yet overlooked, life saving skill.

Kappa Delta Pi is a premier association of dedicated educators and service professionals, as such i would like to increase KDP's presence on campus by inviting distinguished professionals to hold lectures on topics that directly and indirectly effect our field. This will not only increase visibility on our campus, but will provide valuable insight to upcoming and current professionals from individuals currently serving with distinction in their respective fields. This will have the added benefit of providing networking opportunities where relationships can be established with other dedicated professionals in the field.

Tracy Napier writes: Membership in KDP has given me access to a variety of resources for teachers and has allowed me new opportunities to get involved in the education field. It has also allowed me to come in contact with others in my major who have the same career goals as me. For KDP, I have attended the Anit-Bullying seminar. One program that I would like to coordinate for Xi Gamma is a book drive for schools in the surrounding community.

Thank you so much for taking the time to make your voice heard.
Dr. McFadden
College of Education & Human Services

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